360 Degree provides the services in the following areas:

360 Degree Therapists for Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Long Term Care

We establish strategic partnership with hospitals / Skilled Nursing Centers / Rehabilitation center etc to run their therapeutic services with excellent resources, advanced techniques & process. Our Objective is to provide best services at the best price which enables maximum customer satisfaction and maximum profitability.

Our services for your facility include:

• Adult Speech /Language/Voice Disorders
Comprehensive treatment plans that include motor planning, oral motor strengthening, cognitive training, memory skills, and adaptive communication.

• Swallowing Disorders
Expert interventions including clinical and video fluoroscopic swallow evaluations, diet texture modification, strategies to improve swallow safety, exercises and compensatory techniques to optimize swallow function.

• Childhood Speech Disorders
Children who are diagnosed with autism, PDD, Asperger’s syndrome, developmental delay, Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and many others receive speech/language intervention to improve their functional communication skills.

• Accent Modification
Training for individuals who experience difficulty communicating due to their accents.

• Speech and Language Screenings for Children
To determine whether or not a comprehensive evaluation is needed. Screening results are reported to physicians.

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